A house, an engagement party, graduation, a degree, New Designers in London, a trip to California, start a full time job, oh and plan a wedding. 2012 doesn't look too shabby.

What IS he up to now?

Blogging for me is a great way for me to keep everyone up to date with all the day-to-day bits I'm up to as well as the bigger aspects of my goings on.

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Sunday, December 27

Christmas 2.0

Christmas all over again =D

Tuesday, December 22

Winter wonderland

Many apologies for the lack of postings again. My laptop is at the apple shop again, the GPU this time. Although I'm not too upset as I have all my work done and the 3 year warranty runs out in 2 weeks so the in a topsie-turvee kind of way it's actually quite a good thing.

I'm back in Sussex now and my timing could not have been better. I handed in my work 2 days earlier in order to get home sooner and see my girl, but had I have left 24hrs later I would have probabley only just got home. Crazy weather here at the moment.

It did however play into my hands. The first night back with Verity was great only to wake up to a text from her work saying school was closed!! SNOW DAY

More to come.

Sunday, December 13

Busy busy busy...

Had a day off yesterday but it's all systems go for the wednesday deadline.
Expect to see more

(Colours not quite right due to CMYKness)

Friday, December 11

Another later night in the CAD lab...

Just taking a break from work so thought I would update the blog

This is what I am up to at the moment

It's the muscle behind my latest project which is a squib.

This is a pneumatic device that you cock and load with fake blood or dust and can be fired with the pull of a trigger to simulate a bullet hitting a person or object.

It's designed be cheap so that it can be used by amateurs, theatres or drama groups.

I'll be doing some sexy presentation boards soon so I'll let you know as soon as their done.

Tuesday, December 8

MPH: TopGear Live

Due to my computer 'miss-behaving' and being a bit pressed for spare time there are a few things that haven't gone up here yet.

So about a month back myself and two house mates got on a not so 'mega-bus' and headed for London town. We left Newcastle at 11pm Thursday and arrived in London at about 7am. After a coffee and a bit of sight-seeing I hopped on the train to Seaford and stayed with V. Next day Me and V got the train up to London and headed for Earls court for the MPH: Top Gear Live show. It was amazing.

Click the picture below to see some of the snaps from the exhibition area.

Friday, December 4

Sam needs your help!!

This is the company I want to work for.
Click the picture then click to see their showreel on the home page

Next year I have a placement, instead of lectures.
I've found quite a few places I would like to work but this firm stands out above the rest. I think they only take graduates but if I can only get someone to visit my website maybe I can change their mind. Think Wayne trying to get hold of Mr. Big at the end of Wayne's World.

So I need to get my website looking sh*t hot over xmas so I can do the big push in the new year.

Feedback from everyone as to what you think my website should include and how it should be presented would be greatly appreciated

To see how it's coming along visit www.spjohnson.co.uk

Tuesday, December 1

No it's not a ninja...

... it's just how I have to dress myself to brave my studies.

Today's high was 4°C!! My fridge is set to 5°!!

Spinning lady

spinning lady
This is something a friend showed to me that I find incredible.
Now you probably looked at the image before reading this but which direction is the lady spinning? Clockwise or anti-clockwise? The answer is either and it depends how your mind works... Apparently most of us will see her spinning clockwise, I did at first. But if you if you convince yourself that (in my case) it's not her right leg up in the air but her left, you'll see her rotating in the opposite direction. Nuts huh?

Monday, November 30

OK so it was more like 2 weeks...

In other news...
Even though I cheated (I grew a goatee then shaved the rest off for a day) I did join in with Movember this month, but I only found out about it about 2 weeks ago though so I had to extra to grow a 'tash.
Turns out I can't grow a 'tash, get a patchy beard and is somewhat... ginger. So maybe I'll change my technique for next year.

I'm back now so expect one of my massive summertime posts soon.

Saturday, November 14

Sorry for the lack of traffic...

My MPB hasn't been very happy and is of the apple vet on Tuesday.
Normal service to resume in about 1 week I hope!!

*** EDIT 29-01-2010 ***
Finally all sorted, I think one week was a little optimistic

Tuesday, November 3

More food...

We got this steak to share but V was poorly on Sunday so I tackled it
by myself tonight

Saturday, October 31

Thursday, October 29

V's up in Newcastle and I haven't blogged about it once!

This evening we both went out for the most amazing meal and are now
enjoying Margaritas in our favorite bar. She heads back on Sunday so
I'm making full use of the presious time we have together.

Off on vacation

Can't wait = )

Tuesday, October 27

Short back and sides please...

Much better

Although I may now to buy something to keep my head warm

Sunday, October 25

Some flat mates didn't want to shell out for a TV licence

So I set up my 'second monitor' in the front room.

Saturday, October 24

Shiny Design

A group project to design a device to aid the transport of water from one place to another possibly over unforgiving terrain.

It's cold outside...

... so I warmed my cockles with a large cup of coffee and tucked into a good book.
Then it dawned on me. You know those types that sit in Starbucks, with their Apple Macs, large posh coffee and a book. Occupying a table for as long as they can whilst sipping at their long since cold coffee. Today that was me... Please don't hate me

If you're interested the book I was reading was this. Thus explaining my super-human ability to read a book and use my laptop simultaneously

Thursday, October 15

I only seem to be able to do one big post a week at the moment

Sorry for the poor quality image, but this has to be one of, if not the most sensational thing I have ever eaten! The meat is Kobe Wagyu beef. The cows are fed on beer and given massages daily. Getting this kind on burger in Knightsbridge London would cost you £621 (quotes the menu)!!! But me and my friend Martin were invited to eat there by another one of our friends from the course who just happens to be the head chef. Anyway... Amazing

Full fridge makes Sam a happy student.

Mmmm... very cheesy pasta bake. Nom nom nom...

I have to do this every time I go to the beach now

Went to a shopping center with Polly the other day, she had a staff meeting so I had a couple of hours to window shop and had to take a snap of this.

Thursday, October 8

Even Tim was gutted Verity couldn't make it

Wednesday, October 7

Tim Minchin

If you're not aware of his work search for it on YouTube.
Sadly V's work wouldn't give her the time off so I'm having to share my early birthday present with a friend. I think we're in for a good show.

Monday, October 5

Check out Dave's rack!!

It's Dave's birthday today so we're out celebrating at TGI Fridays

Sunday, October 4

We all know that in a hurry, sticking a couple of bevies in the freezer is quick and effective way of getting stuck into a couple of frosty studs. But be warned. If you forget they are in there you'll end up with something that resembles a Carlsberg smoothie...

Saturday, October 3

Mmm... Pizza

Not very exciting but dinner this evening consisted of a pizza base and whatever i had in the fridge to go on it, it was very yum

Fruit cravings...

I think the old expression
"Using a sledgehammer to crack a nut"
should be modernized to
"Using an 1100W blender to squeeze an orange"

Wednesday, September 30

A few things I couldn't put up before I set off...

Serious plug issues


Proper Job
(unless you're going to MoT Charlie - then it's always been like this...)

Shhhh... Hibernation in progress

At least this one is all one colour!

Tuesday, September 22

We now have Internet at the house!!

So let me give you a 'rough' tour around my new room

Tip: use 'shift' to zoom in - and 'ctrl' to zoom out, use the mouse to 'drag' around my room

Thursday, September 17

Who said students can't be civilized?

No Internet or tv so we have to make out own fun.

I cooked dinner tonight; spicy chicken fajitas with rice, dressed salad and homemade salsa (and a bottle of red!).

Won't be a regular event but a great first dinner together.

Followed by a few games of sh*t-head. We've had to start a league, first to 25 buys a crate of beer.

Still no Internet but should be sorted within 10days!!

Tuesday, September 15

Operation damage limitation...

...as time runs out and Charlie has to go into hibination.

Sam's off to Uni

Don't forget you can track my progress on the map to the right -->

Sunday, September 6

Craig's birthday

With the weather fading we head inside to play games

Tuesday, September 1

Verity and I went for anicr walk along the cliffs

Yesterday we went to the speedway and I took a fair few snaps for you to look at but I have just realised that none of the pictures from the field party are up, so here are both of those put into one big post. As usual, click on the photos beneath to see all the snaps.

Just click the picture to see the rest of them

Just click the picture to see the rest of them

sorry if the load time takes a little while - I still haven't come up with the best way of sharing photos with you

Monday, August 31

Day at the speedway

Photos to come!!

So now that I'm back from Newcastle I need to crack on with the Mini. I'm all moved in up there and it all looks grand, I didn't have room in the car for the camera thought so you'll get to see all that once I've moved in properly and have internet set up (which I can see being a bitch).

In the mean while here is a few snaps so you can see how Charlie is coming along.

Just click the picture to see the rest of them

Friday, August 28

Verity brushes Sam's hair!

And I'm going to straighten it later! Moo ha ha.