A house, an engagement party, graduation, a degree, New Designers in London, a trip to California, start a full time job, oh and plan a wedding. 2012 doesn't look too shabby.

What IS he up to now?

Blogging for me is a great way for me to keep everyone up to date with all the day-to-day bits I'm up to as well as the bigger aspects of my goings on.

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Friday, July 31

Thursday, July 30

Pizza party

Whilst clearing out my room for the big move I found Gary's big plastic coke bottle with 2 years worth of 1&2p's in it. Me and V had a sweepstake as to how much was in it and the winner would decide what we did with the loot. I said £3.40 and V said £5something. £9.97 later we were heading to waitrose to buy a posh pizza and some garlic bread. Yum!
We Enjoyed it with a bottle of beer, a glass of red and a healthy dose of last weeks TopGear.

Sunday, July 26

Sam practices his spelling with confetti

So proud of himself! Looks great in suit though eh?
Yup, Sam amused himself by spelling inappropriate words out of the heart confetti on our table. This escalated into games involving how many hearts can you flick into a chanpagne glass and down a person's bra etc.

A friend's wedding

We went to my friend's wedding yesterday. It all started out fairly well, nice suit, nice dress etc. Seven hours later after the most dull event we've ever been to, things were slightly different...

Sam in the bath.

This is Sam in the bath. I felt the need to document it and display it on the internet, mostly because it meant he might actually be washing. But of course he mostly just made himself a beard, a hair do and various mustaches. So grown up for his age...

A big box has appeared...

It's about the size of Emily...

So much fun there is to be had with an empty box

Dad tries out my new 'wings'

Mixing the old with the new
Verity had a dressing up day at work the other day, I forgot and was woken up to this. Scared the crap out of me.
As it happens OFSTED turned up to do a surprise assessment and the nursery got outstanding in all fields!!

Friday, July 24

I still shot a Scot...

Just happened to be the wrong one...
As the more sport savvy amongst you will have noticed the last blog post was 100% accurate apart from the picture... That was actually Jamie Murray.

Guess I'll have to practice if I'm ever going to be a paparazzi or a hit man

Thursday, July 23

I shot a Scot yesterday...

After hearing a rumor that Andy Murray might be playing on the grass courts down at the Devonshire Park tennis ground I grabbed my camera and popped down.
Apparently the games gong on had been county matches and Andy's (North Scotland) were on the fringe of relegation from the top league so the captain gave andy a ring.
You kind of have to feel sorry for the pair they were playing turning up to find out he is going to be playing the World No. 3...

Tuesday, July 21

Dinner at Lucy and James'

This picture was meant to be a nice snap of us playing cards, but after a bottle of vino my elbow slipped of the table and this was all I got. Lucy is one of V's oldest friends, and James is a professional photographer. Was looking at some of his work which includes profile shots of Mika Hakkinen, Lewis Hamilton and the picture on front of the Oasis' Masterplan Album. Have a look www.jamesburnsphotographer.com

Sunday, July 19

Mini update

Right, my Mini... I've ordered a bundle on bits for my car, pretty much a whole new front end, in preparation for the re-spray that WILL happen before the end of summer.
Unfortunately there has been a hick up. Although I did have the money when I ordered the parts, the AA (break down cover), decided that I wanted to re-new my cover and debited my account. Not only did they not let me know before doing so, they also decided that I wanted the £103 a year package not the £39 a year package I signed up for over a year a go. They have said they will put the money back but due to this happening I have incurred some 'over limit' charges that I need the bank to give back to me.
I'll get it sorted though. I just need to let 'mini spares' know when they can debit my account and I'll get the part after that.

I'll keep you posted!!

Thursday, July 16

My new website

The last couple of days I have been a little quite on the blog as I have been for-filling my HTML and CSS duties elsewhere, building myself a website. It's a little bit of a skeleton at the moment but it'll get sleeker and more functional as the months lead up to me having to think about mailing out to companies to try and get my perfect industrial placement for my 3rd year at uni.

Tuesday, July 14

Sky+ HD...

... In bed. With V's new flat screen now all hooked up to sky plus High Deff, it now takes me even longer to get out of bed!

Sunday, July 12

BBQ at Phil-fi's

Phil and Fi put on a BBQ, the girls went off for a walk and the boys went kayaking on the Cuckmere before hand.

Friday, July 10

Exam results

That's a pass, a couple of modules I scraped but I knew i would there and had spoken to the lecturers before hand.

Average mark of 57.08% which is 3% short of what I needed to get all of my £1000 scholarship next year but I will get £750 of it and have the first term to get the extra 3% so I can get the other £250. Should be a nice little incentive to read a book every now and again...

Cheers everyone

Johnson and Johnson piano removal and delivery service

My mum is clearing out her house. Mel bought a crappy piano. My mum's trying to get rid of hers. Mel could do with a better piano.
It sounds like an ideal little 'switch-a-roo' to sort out everyones problems and needs.
So how many vehicles do you know that you can get two pianos in? Introducing the Izuzu Bighorn 'rimster'

I think it's the Bighorn 'irmscher' actually but the handwritten font they had chosen had made it look a bit suspect, so the name sticks.

So we start at No. 10 and get the piano out, on to a trolly and wheeled across a main road and lifted into a massive trailer (that you could actually fit my car in *wink*) and off to Mel's in the mighty rimster.

At Mel's, we of course have to get the old piano out, but seeing as dad only put it in there a couple of months ago then it wasn't too much bother.
The new one, however, was about 4 inches longer and this meant it took a whole new approach and was a real bitch to get in.

Any way, after an hour and a bit, and a couple of cornish pasties, it went in. The fun starts when we try and take the old one away.

Our plan was always to just take it down the tip and try and get rid of it. But on a wednesday afternoon we weren't sure if it would be open, but it was the only day with had the Bighorn so we took it down anyway.

When we got to the tip and pulled in, we asked if we could dump a piano and they said yes. But we couldn't bring in the trailer because it was over 4' tall and we didn't have a permit. All the time we were arguing a queue had formed so we were told drive through the tip and out the other side.

So after a little ponder we decided to disconnect the trailer, take out the piano, put the dog in the front of the big horn, piano in the back (I squeezed in there to), and went round again. After a little bit of banter they soon took it off of us and proceeded to kick the crap out of it.

Tuesday, July 7

As you can see I have been pfaffing about with the blog again, but I have to be at work in a bit and have run out of time. So no doubt it'll stay like this for a while until Gary gets fed up looking at it and teaches me how to tile background images...

Ciao for now

Edit: It's not perfect, but it'll do for the meanwhile

Sunday, July 5

Monster strawberries!!

These monsters you had to eat like apples.

Picnic in the forest

Olives, salmon, sundried tomatoes, strawberries and potato salad. I call that picnic o'clock as Verity and I celebrate 6 months.

Saturday, July 4

My blog mentor

Just to show Anj


I've been a bit behind on blogging lately

So I've just about made up for it now after work.

I had today off, and by 'day' I mean I didn't have to work untill 4pm.
I still managed an 11hr shift though, so a few more pennies in the Mini fund. Back to the point, with the day time free and Verity doing a normal 9-5 (actually a 8am untill 7pm!!) day I surprised her by getting the train over to Brighton and meeting her on her lunch break. I mucked the times up a bit and only actually spent 20 minutes with her but on my way bay to the station I saw this 'Banksy' that that counsil are preserving with Perspex.

A fine collection

Do you think I have enough for 'the follow through', 'hammer-head', 'Gambon' and 'Chicago'?

More scalectrix

I can't wait to set up this stuff in the future and show kids what I used to play with when I was a kid. But I think I may omit a couple of items as I don't want to come across as ancient!

A blast for the past

My mum is currently in the process of turning No. 10 in uni student
housing so in between jobs I'm trying to sort out and pack some bits.

A few years back, when me and my dad had a few rooms spare, my every
growing scalectrix set was dedicated to a whole room of the house. My
favorite car was the Williams F1 car which isn't in the piccy bellow
(as it came with me to Uni so is stored at Verity's at the moment).

Thought I'd just share this little snap as I know a few of you spent a
few hours 'racing' with me back then.

Wednesday, July 1

Not the worst jobs I've been paid for

Today my job consisted of driving a golf buggy around Willingdon golf
course taking snaps. My dad VERY generosly let me use his Sigma
120-400mm and I had a great day in the sun. It was 31*C at it's warmest.

Caddy shack

Up earlyish today to go and do some photography today of one of my
bosses business ventures.

An allday golf and business enterprise day and rumor has it I may get
a golf buggy. Just waiting for a bus in seaford at the mo, I'll try
and blog later

Sam Johnson
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