A house, an engagement party, graduation, a degree, New Designers in London, a trip to California, start a full time job, oh and plan a wedding. 2012 doesn't look too shabby.

What IS he up to now?

Blogging for me is a great way for me to keep everyone up to date with all the day-to-day bits I'm up to as well as the bigger aspects of my goings on.

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Tuesday, May 8

Don't get too carried away when cleaning your iPhone

Cleaning my phone only to turn it on and realise most of the lighter fluid had worked its way into the phone. Bums...
Maybe it'll clean out my mic! I hope it dries out ok

Paralympic Games ticket give away x4

I recently won 4 tickets to the London 2012 Paralympic Games but Verity and I will be in the states during the games so they are of little use to us. So I am putting them up for grabs here as I need to register the tickets in the ticket holders name. The ticket is a family ticket so includes you and 3 additional guests.

Here is the order of the day for the Olympic Park:
  • Four tickets to the Olympic Park on 05 September 2012 to include:
    • 09:00–12:30 Football 7-a-side: preliminaries (PFT05)
    • 09:00–11:30 Goalball: quarter-finals (PGB19)
    • 12:00–20:00 Wheelchair Tennis: finals (PWT05)
    • 12:45–16:45 Goalball: quarter-finals (PGB20)
    • 14:00–17:30 Football 7-a-side: preliminaries (PFT06)
    • 14:00–17:15 Wheelchair Rugby: preliminaries (PWR01)
    • 18:00–22:00 Goalball: quarter-finals (PGB21)
    • 19:00–22:15 Wheelchair Rugby: preliminaries (PWR02)
Family get first refusal, other than that it's first come first serve. 
All I ask is that you are serious about going as I would have love to have gone my self and wouldn't want them to go to waste. 

Monday, May 7

Friday, May 4

Treasure trove

Dropped a pound down the sofa and found all this. About £15 an iPod and some knickers... a sound investment

Tuesday, May 1

Martin wants to set up a blog

He's going to Vegas in the summer and this is just to show him how easy it is to blog from your phone.