A house, an engagement party, graduation, a degree, New Designers in London, a trip to California, start a full time job, oh and plan a wedding. 2012 doesn't look too shabby.

What IS he up to now?

Blogging for me is a great way for me to keep everyone up to date with all the day-to-day bits I'm up to as well as the bigger aspects of my goings on.

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Monday, May 31

I must be my Uncle's Nephew...

Although I don't think I'll ever rival his boxes of cables.

Verity has been plotting...

Since I have been away V's been planning what she is going to do with me when I come back. She's sorted out everything in her old room, bought the nicest desk I've ever seen, and given me an office/study. Thank you so much!!

I haven't moved all my stuff in yet but that's what I am going to be doing all day today.

Maybe I'll do another one of those QTVR panoramas. I'll make sure it isn't 14MB though this time.

Sunday, May 30


And that doesn't include any of my clothes. A massive THANK YOU to my Dad for use of the car and Verity for doing a 770mile round trip in just over 24hours. I owe you both big time. Thank you so much.

It's going to be a long day

My Dad very generously lent Verity his car so that she could come up and get me for Newcastle. I knew I would get all my stuff in the car somehow and was pretty optimistic, however it couldn't have been tighter. Large items in there include 2x 3foot speakers, a high-backed office chair, a 32" CRT telly and it's stand, and then all my stuff!

Saturday, May 29

Whata lota stuff...

It's time to head home for Summer.
Exams went ok, course work marks came back great, and now I'm all packed.
All my stuff came up last september in V's car, but she's been up since and brought a TV, stand and all my xmas presents since which left me in a bit a predicament. Very kindly my Dad offered to lend Verity his car to come get me. She'll be here any moment and then we'll see if all fits. Catch ya all soon.

Sunday, May 23

Saturday, May 22

Spotify let you share playlists...

Last week I had a look at the new features Spotify had to offer. The main thing that jumped out at me was the ability for publish your playlist for your friends to see. So after a few minutes assessing my friends tastes in music I found a playlist called XFM's top 1000 tunes an it has got me back into my music, so after my last exam next Tuesday I intend to have a good sort out of my iTunes.

First BBQ of the year...

The weather has got really nice this week, but a couple of weeks a go Dave, James and I thought it was about time to crack out the disposable BBQ's and potato salad.

Taking SolidWorks for a test drive...

I missed a deadline when I was stuck in the US so I got an extension for a quick design project. A computer mouse and a 3-pin plug. With an exam to revise for and this work due in to say that it was a rush job would be an understatement, but still nice to see SolidWorks running reliably on my Mac.

Up grade time

So with the parts I got from Fry's, after coming home, I visited my mate James and a nerdy 48hrs with a couple of beers and overhauled my MacbookPro. It's now running with 3GB RAM and a 640GB HDD. Happy days.
I now have space to put my music back on my machine, turn my 500GB external back into a full time machine drive and set up a bootcamp with Windows 7 and set up VMWare fusion. Finally I can run Solidworks on my machine. The 160GB HDD that was the main drive in my laptop now lives in my rucksack in a slim USB caddy. All that for $120.

A round up of USA 2010...

Verity uploaded her snaps from our holiday to facebook so I copied them so I could put them up here. Sorry for the low res, but I think they are all right for this purpose.

(they are in reverse order at the moment but I'll try and sort that out)

I needed to get some bits to uprate my laptop, and if you are in the US there is only one place to go... Fry's!!

All of my pictures from our trip are here
(currently uploading - link coming soon)
But I'll warn you, I wasn't very vigilant when I was going through them so I think there is just over 500. Enjoy.

Right, so where were we...

It's exam season at the moment up here in Newcastle so past times include a mixture of studying and catching up with some mates, and due to me taking a placement year next year saying farewell to some as well.
As for this blog I keep putting things aside to put up here but either forget or deem them irrelevant by the time I find ten minutes. But stuff it, I have a spare hour. Let's do it.

Sunday, May 16

RC Mania

Rekindling my childhood by building ramps and driving over them with RC cars with a mate. It wasn't long before we got a little carried away and introduced the 'Flaming Hoop of Death'. Retrospectively it was a very silly idea

The iPhone case Lolly gave me finds it's rightful home

This is Matty. He loved it and was very grateful

Thursday, May 6

Something to report...

... Actually there is an awful lot to report. The Volcano left me a little 'blog despondent' so apologies to anyone that was waiting with bated breath for further instalments. They will come tomorrow.
In the mean while:

I do something I have never done before

And then I try cutting hair for the first time. What a day.