A house, an engagement party, graduation, a degree, New Designers in London, a trip to California, start a full time job, oh and plan a wedding. 2012 doesn't look too shabby.

What IS he up to now?

Blogging for me is a great way for me to keep everyone up to date with all the day-to-day bits I'm up to as well as the bigger aspects of my goings on.

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Friday, February 19

Verity goes back home

Verity heads back home today after a week of fun and we finally got to see Avatar today which was stunning. We saw it at a 3D IMAX and we weren't disappointed.

Tuesday, February 16

Pancake Day!!

Today was an interesting day. We were both up nice and early, had pancakes for breakfast and set out for Eldon Square shopping 'mall' to get a glimps of the new Apple store being opened. Us and about 4.5k other people so needless to say we didn't get one of the free t-shirts but was still nice to see they had done a great job and it wasn't one of the small, pokey verity. I'll go and have a better look soon, I need to swap one of my transformers anyway.
We then went to see the long awaited Avatar but when we got our tickets we had been given 'row A - seats 9 & 10'. I've never sat in the front row of cinema ever, let alone at a 3D IMAX. So we swapped our tickets for 'the middle of the middle' seats, with extra leg-room and comfy chairs for the 09:45 showing on friday.
We're now off out for the Valentine dinner out we didn't do on Sunday
Hope everyone is well, love Sam and V x

Sunday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day All

It's one excuse after another I know, but blog posting is technologically hampered on my part at the moment, I'll go in to more detail in a couple of weeks i'm sure.

Verity has driven the 400miles to come up and see me as her school is closed for half time and the timing to coincide with Valentine's is perfect. Today we're going to drive down to Durham, which is very pretty, go on some pretty walks and take some pictures. Hopefully there'll be something nice I can share with you all.

No blog post is complete with out a picture so have a picture of me making an 'Ass' of myself.