A house, an engagement party, graduation, a degree, New Designers in London, a trip to California, start a full time job, oh and plan a wedding. 2012 doesn't look too shabby.

What IS he up to now?

Blogging for me is a great way for me to keep everyone up to date with all the day-to-day bits I'm up to as well as the bigger aspects of my goings on.

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Tuesday, April 19

Look who's home

2 years ago I lent 'Jessie' to a friend of mine who lent it to another
friend of mine and tonight she comes home in the bus with me =D


Stuck in traffic this morning as there has been an accident on the
A259. Lovely day though. Also I didn't know busses could coast steer
and break without the engine on. Crazy

Sunday, April 17


When I got home last night after a night out on the town I was just walking up to the house when my phone rings. I thought it was my mate Craig but it was someone calling to say they had found his phone and was calling the last numbers in the call history.
I turned round and ran all the way back into town to meet the girl who had found it. This morning when getting my bits together I realised I didn't have my wallet. Bugger. It must have fallen out of my pocket when running into town. Verity and I then set about retracing my steps and it wasn't long before verity found something, my singed debit card in a bush. A couple of steps further bits of bus tickets, a payslip and then very small ash fragments of what used to be my wallet. Fuckers... I wonder if they were thick enough to burn the cash?

Thursday, April 14

Hello Vincent!

Bigger, bluer, faster!

Goodbye Heathcliff...

Not the primary use of a camping stove

No matter how many times I smelt lead in a sauce pan I always feel as
if I am doing something illegal.

Tuesday, April 12

Scary movie

I enjoy a good horror movie as much as the next chap but I will be the first to admit that the enjoyment is somewhat tainted by the fact that they really put the willies up me. Whilst watching (to be fair a rather tame) one the other day V pauses it, turns to me, and says she needs a wee. The house is dark and empty and she asks me to accompany her. Not wanting to show any weakness I turn my cowardice into I big joke mocking hers.
As I lead the way I flick every light switch in the house and sweep each room mockingly. It was working nicely until we were deep into the heart of the house when 'POP'...
The last light switch on the journey to the bathroom turns on the large light that spans the landing and the hall. It had tripped the fuse box and instantly the house was again plunged into darkness. So much for being matcho now. Having only two minutes before seen someone hacked to death by a nutter whist he changed a fuse in a basement, to say I had a few reservations would be an understatement.
I did finally grow some balls and flick the breaker but I thought it was just too good a story to not share.

Monday, April 11

Fat Sam's Grand Slam

Emily text me last night to say she had found my doppleganger, shortly
followed by these snaps. Apparently he's a fashion model. Lucky him.

Sunday, April 10

Poorly wiring loom

Looks like putting the headlights back in won't be a ten minute job.

Saturday, April 9


Emily is down this week and it's the first time I have seen her since
her 21st. After she picked us up we went to a boot sale and had an ice
cream at the beach before going to the bookies to put a flutter on the
grand national.

Friday, April 8

My Useless Machine

You made have seen similar useless machines on the net. I did and just had to make one.

Monday, April 4

Mini day...

This morning I took on the rather ambitious challenge of refitting the
front and rear wind screens. It took 7 hours, half a bottle of washing
up liquid and windowlean, lots of sweat, a little blood and almost
some tears. But all done.

Stag doo

Sorry about the radio silence lately but I have been on a friend of
mine's stag doo. Starting on Wednesday in Seaford we had an evening in
the pub. Next morning we all met up in the cafe for a hearty breakfast
before hitting the road for a long weekend in Newquay.
Needless to say it was a right hoot with many embarrassments lined up
for the future groom