A house, an engagement party, graduation, a degree, New Designers in London, a trip to California, start a full time job, oh and plan a wedding. 2012 doesn't look too shabby.

What IS he up to now?

Blogging for me is a great way for me to keep everyone up to date with all the day-to-day bits I'm up to as well as the bigger aspects of my goings on.

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Friday, September 30

Beer by the river

What a beautiful day.

RIP James's PS3

As a last ditch attempt to save James' PS3 I though I would take it completely apart and see if the heat sync was making good contact with the CPU and GPU. I replaced the paste and reassembled it but the motherboard looked a little toasted in places and when tested my repair hadn't made any noticeable difference. So he's ordered a new one.


We have Internet at the flat!! Although our router/modem hasn't arrived so I spent yesterday afternoon bodging up a network from all the bits I brought up with me along with the ADSL switch thing that wires ethernet to our rooms. Proper job.

A rare bit of sun in the north east

27*C today! Nuts

Wednesday, September 28

Cow wine stopper!

A present from my Godfather that he brought back from Venice.

Saturday, September 24


All settled in now. Lectures start Monday. This week has mostly consisted of male bonding and heading out to make sure all out favourite watering holes are still as good as we remembered. That is until the PS3 started over heating!! I knew there was a reason I felt compelled to bring my set of security driver bits.

Getting ready to Jim Jam walk along Eastbourne seafront.

Sunday, September 18

First night with everyone moved in

Introducing Martin, Pete & James.

Thursday, September 15

I have arrived at my new diggs

I haven't had a lot of time to move in and unpack but I am in and bed time I think.

Packing for Newcastle

Saturday, September 10

I had tried to hide her in here

but V's new car is just that bit too long to get them both in.

And 20minutes later it chucked it down

Money well spent

Winter coat go!

Sam is busy getting Charlie ready for the winter. New winter coat soon to go on...

Tuesday, September 6

Mammoth update!!

Right, sorry about the lack of blogging lately. I kind of got out of the habit of it and then got rather busy and never caught up. 
Rapid fire blog posting go!

The best way to see Madeira
And we found a water fall
I get my hair cut in the hotel in Funchal 
We spend an evening in a restaurant in Madeira that might put a smile on a few faces
Monkey nuts!
Every seen a ship conduct a 3 point turn? No me neither
Verity is in this picture, honest
Infinity pools are cool
A model of the airport in the departure lounge. It must have been even more scary before the extension!
Puffed up crisps!
Activities for V's Birthday
Including pin the tail on the cow! 
Always a winner. If in doubt, buy her a cow.
Working hard
Evil FaceTime Gnomes
Dad borrows some foamex from my work
Verity bought some boxing gloves
I felt the need to defend myself
We lost our ball over the wall
I made some mirrors for a friends boyfriend
Very smart if I do say so myself
Poundland source a new breed of Gnome!
Verity and I move into No.10 for the summer and put up a blind
I design and make the worlds most odd jigsaw
And cover it in old bed sheets
And get some help plastering it
And then start another one

Ohhhh... They're eyes!!
Oh that makes more sence..
I get more help with plastering (I have discovered plastering isn't easy)
An aluminium fram is required as my eyes are now immensely heavy
Find some interesting things when clearing out the containers at work
Show my eyes to Rodger Daltry. He likes them, sort of.

Go to London for Lynne's Birthday. Where we see Wicked
Eyes without projection
More interesting things from the containers at work
CHEESE!! For pudding at Rules in London, yum.
View from the hotel room.
The clippers come out at a BBQ one Sunday
So I have a go
I don't think my head has ever felt the sun before
Dad takes the piss of my 'fro-hawk'
Some of the guys at work take on the mammoth task of block paving the yard
Verity has a lie down on some grass
Mum and I were in a crash, ouch.
Verity and I have a go on the most awesome bike thing ever at Airbourne. 
I found a Google car
Airbourne fireworks
Beach BBQ with Mum 
V and Em try out the beach tent 
I climb a cliff face at cow-gap (more of a steep hill really)
I dress up as my dad 
Emily poses on a rock with two pairs of sunglasses
Verity sits on rock with only one pair of sun glasses. 
Emily on the same rock but from another angle
Verity and I go to Western-super-mare for a birthday and I find the most amazing F1 simulator at the end of the pier
We spend ages trying to win various toy with 'The Claw!!'
I get ready for Verity's Rally driving day!
I get very excited when we get there
and then get even more excited when I see what she gets to have a go in.

This was V's favourite at the end of the day
She did every so well!
Oh yeah, and then I proposed to Verity. And she said yes. Woopee!! Party!